Fitness Friday

It’s interesting that the thirteenth edition of Fitness Friday just so happens to coincide with Friday the 13th. That’s a kind of nifty coincidence. I like it. Yup.


You Were Born To Run

So … for this thirteenth edition, things have been going well. I’m getting increasingly frustrated with the treadmill situation in our complex. Because there’s only one, if I go in there and someone has just started using it, I have to wait it out. This Wednesday I was almost convinced that I wouldn’t be able to do my run at all. I managed to get it in, but it was close.

I know it’s the same for everyone else in our complex too, but dang! I posted to our complex’s Facebook page asking when the second treadmill would be fixed (it’s been down since February, at least!), and after a few days of waiting they finally got back to me saying the end of the month. Can I ask for money off of our rent if they don’t follow through? I’m not too optimistic…

I guess it won’t matter after too long, hopefully. Still need to talk to Clark’s cousin about the treadmill. I’m going to need it once I start the Half Marathon Trainer. Some of those runs are two hours long! I think I’d be murdered if I took up a treadmill in our complex for that long.

Anywhoozer. I finished Week 2 without incident and I’ve done both days of Week 3 so far, but holy cannoli they’ve been tough!

Check out Friday, Monday, and Wednesday’s runs.

Because I’ve been doing so well on the schedule for C25k, I’ve decided that I do really well with my fitness when I have something planned ahead of time. Before, I would go to the gym and just sort of meander around, doing curls here, deadlifts there, but I could fall out of the habit with frightening ease.

That in mind, I’ve asked Clark to make a schedule of workouts for me to do. He’s been lifting for well over a decade now and he knows what I’m capable of, so I feel pretty confident in his ability to draw up a great plan for me to follow. I’m sure, sadistic as he can be, it will involve about 300 squats every time I work out. It’s a purely selfless gesture.


The plan is to do my cardio on MWF, then do cross-training on TR, with Saturday and Sunday as rest days. Once I start the Half Marathon Trainer that will probably change (I think some weeks on there require five days of running or something ridiculous), but until then I can be building endurance and strength.

This weekend I’m going to poke him until he puts something together. If he read this more often, he’d be forewarned. 😉

I guess that’s it for this Fitness Friday update. Until next time!

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