Let’s Play a Little Game of Catch-up…

Holy smokes, guys! It’s been about a million years since I last posted here. I wish I could say I had an amazing reason for why I fell off the face of the planet, but I really don’t. I’ve been having a tough time lately, and UFH seemed to be the big thing to take the back seat. I’m trying to be better and get back to things that make me happy though, so I’m here. Hopefully you’re as excited to see me as I am to see you!

My fitness has also been something that’s suffered, but not just because of sadness or anything like that. I finally made it to the second to last run on Couch To 5K and I was unsatisfied with my inability to run a full 5k in 30 minutes (after all, that’s what the program is called), so I decided to up my mileage before doing my last run to 3.2 miles from about 2.5. I figured out the time and split it in two, so I ran for two intervals of 19 minutes.

Hello, shin splints! I’m talking so painful that the brush of my pants against the front of my shin was painful. Walking was uncomfortable for weeks. So I didn’t run. After two weeks I decided to try running again, but it was still super painful afterward, so for the past few months I’ve really just been trying to get back at it. When experts tell you not to increase your mileage by any more than ten percent a week, they really mean it. I seriously learned my lesson there.

Finally, two weeks ago, I decided to jump back into C25K and start over—sort of. I started off on Week 4 and I’ve been slowly trying to get back to that. Last Tuesday I ran Week 4, Day 2. I’d have run since then but I had an enormous amount of dental work done Wednesday, so I’m still recovering. I’m feeling pretty good now and I only had a tiny little twinge on my last run, so I’m planning to start back up in (hopefully) full force this Friday.

I’m about to go full-on Midwestern on you for a minute, so excuse me, but can you believe the weather? I feel like every year summer just gets shorter and shorter. I’ve been absolutely loving the changing of the leaves, but I wish it lasted longer. Halloween seems to have signaled the end of any potential for warmer weather. Here in Indianapolis, the Saturday before Halloween it was 78º! No longer, though. It’s currently 51º out. The sun is shining though, which is more than can be said for the past few days.

I’ve also been loving the excuse to make heavier foods. I’ve been making tons of soup and lasagna and I even made my gramma’s meatloaf for Clark recently. I still haven’t decided if that’s a recipe I’m willing to post on here, but it’s been on my mind. I’ll ask her and see what she thinks about the idea.

Looking ahead, Clark and I will be spending this year in a cottage on Amelia Island with his parents, approximately 100 feet from the beach. I. Am. So. Excited! We got an incredible deal and we have a full kitchen so we’re going to make a Thanksgiving meal (still considering the logistics of this). If you’ve got any suggestions for cool stuff to do on Amelia, definitely let me know! We’re going to be there for something like seven days, so we’ll have plenty of time to explore.

I’m hopeful that maybe we can take a day trip to Savannah while we’re there. It isn’t exactly close (~2 hours away), but I’ve heard amazing things about the city and every photo I’ve ever seen has absolutely enchanted me, so perhaps we’ll try to make it up there.

Oh. Something important I feel should be mentioned, since it relates to technology. I got a lot of flack for it, but I switched to the iPhone 6. I was due for an upgrade and I thought it would be fun to switch things up a bit—after all, I’ve been on Android for five and a half years. It’s only fair that I give the other guys a bit of attention too, right?

I thought it would be more of a learning curve than it actually was. This might be attributed to the fact that I’ve used iPod Touches and iPads in the past, but I really took to it like a fish to water. I’m planning to do a write-up on it, even if I’m a little late to the game.

So that’s a quick overview of what I’ve been up to. I’ll be back soon with more!

Also, because I have fitness goals that I really want to meet over time, I thought I’d share with you guys the photo that has been my background for a while now. This is ideally what I’d like to get close to. Think of it as inspiration.

Kristie McKeon
Kristie McKeon

I just learned today that her name is Kristie McKeon, and she’s a UFC girl as well as an international model. Pretty cool stuff!